It is considered likely that most of the following native arachnid species are found within the Greater Wangetti Region (except the Hadronyche anzses, which may only possibly be present on the high altitude mountains, such as Harris Peak). This is just a selection of the more notable species, so is far from a complete list.
Click on a common name or NCN (No Common Name) to view a large image; click on a scientific name to open a page of information. (E) = Endemic to Australia.

ORDER - Amblypygi (Whip Spiders)
Sub-Order - Euamblypygi
Super-Family - Charinoidea
Family - Charinidae
Charinus pescotti - Australian Whip Spider (E)
Super-Family - Charontoidea
Family - Charontidae
Charon trebax - North Queensland Whip Spider (E)

ORDER - Araneae (Spiders)
Infra-Order - Araneomorphae
Family - Agelenidae

Family - Amaurobiidae

Family - Araneidae

Family - Arkyidae

Family - Desidae

Family - Lycosidae

Family - Salticidae

Family - Segestriidae

Family - Sparassidae

Family - Tetragnathidae

Family - Theridiidae
Latrodectus geometricus - Brown Widow Spider
Latrodectus hasseltii - RedBack Spider

Family - Thomisidae

Family - Toxopidae

Infra-Order - Mygalomorphae
Family - Actinopodidae

Family - Anamidae

Family - Atracidae
Hadronyche anzses - North Queensland Funnel-Web (E) (Image is the closely related Hadronyche annachristiae)

Family - Barychelidae

Family - Dipluridae

Family - Euagridae
Subfamily - Australothelinae

Family - Halonoproctidae

Family - Hexathelidae

Family - Idiopidae

Family - Microstigmatidae

Family - Migidae

Family - Pycnothelidae

Family - Theraphosidae
Coremiocnemis tropix - Pygmy Rainforest Tarantula (E)
Phlogius crassipes - Queensland Whistling Tarantula (E)
Phlogius strenuus - NCN
Selenocosmia subvulpina - NCN (No image available) (E)
Selenotypus plumipes - Australian FeatherLeg Tarantula (E)

ORDER - Scorpiones (Scorpions)
Superfamily - Bothriuroidea
Family- Bothriuridae
Cercophonius queenslandae - NCN (E)
Superfamily - Buthoidea
Family - Buthidae
Isometrus maculatus - Lesser Brown Scorpion
Isometrus melanodactylus - NCN (E)
Lychas variatus - Marbled Scorpion
Superfamily - Scorpionoidea
Family - Hormuridae
Hormurus ischnoryctes - NCN (E)
Hormurus karschii - NCN
Hormurus waigiensis - Australian Rainforest Scorpion
Family - Urodacidae
Urodacus macrurus - Queensland Desert Scorpion (E)
Urodacus manicatus - Black Rock Scorpion (E)
Urodacus spinatus - Spiral Burrow Scorpion (E)

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