It is considered likely that most of the following native malacostracan species are found within the Greater Wangetti Region.
This is a selection of the more notable species only. Families with no species are present only to show the extent of an order.
Click on a common name or NCN (No Common Name) to view an image; click on a scientific name to open a page of information. (E) = Endemic to Australia.

Subclass - Eumalacostraca
Superorder - Eucarida
Order - Decapoda
Suborder - Dendrobranchiata
Superfamily - Penaeoidea
Family - Penaeidae
Atypopenaeus formosus - Orange Shrimp
Batepenaeopsis tenella - Smoothshell Shrimp
Batepenaeopsis venusta - Adonis Shrimp
Fenneropenaeus indicus - Red-Legged Banana Prawn
Fenneropenaeus merguiensis - White Banana Prawn
Kishinouyepenaeopsis cornuta - Kishinouye Coral Prawn
Kishinouyepenaeopsis maxillipedo - Torpedo Shrimp
Marsupenaeus japonicus - Japanese King Prawn
Megokris granulosus - Hardback Prawn
Melicertus canaliculatus - Striped Prawn
Melicertus latisulcatus - Western King Prawn
Melicertus longistylus - RedSpot King Prawn
Melicertus marginatus - Aloha Prawn
Melicertus plebejus - Eastern King Prawn
Metapenaeopsis commensalis - Reef Shrimp
Metapenaeopsis hilarula - Minstrel Shrimp
Metapenaeopsis lamellata - HumpBack Prawn
Metapenaeopsis mogiensis complanata - Complanata Velvet Prawn
Metapenaeopsis novaeguineae - Northern Velvet Prawn
Metapenaeopsis palmensis - Southern Velvet Prawn
Metapenaeopsis rosea - Rosy Prawn
Metapenaeus bennettae - GreenTail Prawn
Metapenaeus demani stephani - Stephani Demon Prawn
Metapenaeus eboracensis - York Prawn (no image available)
Metapenaeus endeavouri - Blue Endeavour Prawn
Metapenaeus ensis - Red Endeavour Prawn
Metapenaeus moyebi - Moyebi Prawn
Mierspenaeopsis sculptilis - Rainbow Prawn
Parapenaeus australiensis - Australian Rose Prawn
Penaeus esculentus - Brown Tiger Prawn
Penaeus monodon - Giant Tiger Prawn
Penaeus semisulcatus - Green Tiger Prawn
Trachypenaeus anchoralis - Northern Rough Prawn
Trachysalambria curvirostris - Southern Rough Prawn
Trachysalambria malaiana - Brown Rough Prawn

Suborder - Pleocyemata
Infraorder - Achelata
Family - Palinuridae
Linuparus trigonus - Barking Crayfish
Panulirus homarus - Scalloped Spiny Lobster
Panulirus longipes bispinosus - Coral Crayfish
Panulirus ornatus - Ornate Rock Lobster
Panulirus polyphagus - Mud Rock Lobster
Panulirus versicolor - Painted Rock Lobster
Family - Scyllaridae
Subfamily- Arctidinae
Scyllarides squammosus - Blunt Slipper Lobster
Infraorder - Anomura
Superfamily - Chirostyloidea
Superfamily - Galatheoidea
Superfamily - Hippoidea
Superfamily - Lithodoidea
Superfamily - Paguroidea
Infraorder - Astacidea
Superfamily - Enoplometopoidea
Superfamily - Nephropoidea
Superfamily - Parastacoidea
Infraorder - Brachyura
Infraorder - Caridea

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