Wangetti Org is an organisation and website set up to disseminate information about the Greater Wangetti Region, in particular the conservation, protection and rehabilitation of the natural environment contained therein. Wangetti org is a natural evolution of the Wangetti Recovery Group, which was set up in 2002, specifically to address concerns about the Wangetti Beach Reserve becoming heavily compromised by 4WD and camping activities.

The Wangetti Org website seeks to help co-ordinate conservation efforts within the region and to promote the non-destructive appreciation of the area. Wangetti org hopes to bring about a synergistic conservation effort involving local landowners and residents, traditional owners, government departments, and visitors to the region.

To fully understand the mechanisms of conservation within the region, please see "About/Local Ecology".





Our area of concern is predominantly the Wangetti Beach Reserve and the Macalister Range NP, but also large sections of the Kuranda and Mowbray NP's, and all other land encompassed by these National Parks and Reserves. We also include the ocean areas for at least 5km to the immediate east of these terrestrial areas. This quite large region spans sections of three local councils, Douglas, Mareeba and Cairns, but most of our concerns centre on areas within the Douglas Shire. The reason the area of concern is so great, is that many species of fauna traverse the region in question, with obviously no regard for NP or local council boundaries.

At present we have several conservation projects underway, the most well participated in, being the Wangetti Community Group (a.k.a. Wangetti Ratepayers And Residents Group - WRARG). Please see "Projects" above for details on these.



Please see the "About" section in Wangetti "Articles", "Diagrams", "Maps" and "Photos" for more content.