It is considered likely that most of the following endemic, dangerous fauna species are found within the Greater Wangetti Region (except the Hadronyche anzses, which may only possibly be present on the high altitude mountains, such as Harris Peak).
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IUCN Red List Index and/or EPBC Threatened Species and/or Queensland Threatened Species rating is shown in brackets.

This is an extensive, but NOT a complete, list of dangerous fauna species that may be encountered in the Greater Wangetti region

KINGDOM - Animalia

PHYLUM - Arthropoda (Arthropods)
SUBPHYLUM - Chelicerata
CLASS - Arachnida (Arachnids)
ORDER - Araneae (Spiders)
Infraorder - Araneomorphae
Family - Theridiidae
Latrodectus geometricus - Brown Widow Spider
Latrodectus hasseltii - RedBack Spider
Infraorder - Mygalomorphae
Family - Atracidae
Hadronyche anzses - North Queensland Funnel-Web (Image is the closely related Hadronyche annachristiae)
Family - Theraphosidae
Coremiocnemis tropix - Pygmy Rainforest Tarantula
Phlogius crassipes - Queensland Whistling Tarantula
Phlogius strenuus - NCN
Selenocosmia subvulpina - NCN (No image available)
Selenotypus plumipes - Australian FeatherLeg Tarantula
ORDER - Scorpiones (Scorpions)
Superfamily - Bothriuroidea
Family- Bothriuridae
Cercophonius queenslandae - NCN
Superfamily - Buthoidea
Family - Buthidae
Isometrus maculatus - Lesser Brown Scorpion
Isometrus melanodactylus - NCN
Lychas variatus - Marbled Scorpion
Superfamily - Scorpionoidea
Family - Hormuridae
Hormurus ischnoryctes - NCN
Hormurus karschii - NCN
Hormurus waigiensis - Australian Rainforest Scorpion
Family - Urodacidae
Urodacus macrurus - Queensland Desert Scorpion
Urodacus manicatus - Black Rock Scorpion
Urodacus spinatus - Spiral Burrow Scorpion
SUBPHYLUM - Myriapoda
CLASS - Chilopoda (Centipedes)
SUB-CLASS - Pleurostigmophora
SUPER-ORDER - Epimorpha
ORDER - Scolopendromorpha (Tropical Centipedes)
Super-Family - Scolopendroidea
Family - Cryptopidae
Cryptops australis - Blind Scolopendrid Centipede
Cryptops spinipes - NCN
Family - Scolopendridae
Sub-Family - Otostigminae
Ethmostigmus muiri - NCN
Ethmostigmus rubripes - Australasian Giant Centipede
Otostigmus astenus - NCN
Otostigmus ateles - NCN
Otostigmus politus - NCN
Otostigmus tuberculatus - NCN (no image available)
Rhysida carinulata - NCN
Rhysida nuda - Blue Legged Centipede
Sub-Family - Scolopendrinae
Arthrorhabdus mjobergi - NCN
Asanada brevicornis - NCN
Cormocephalus aurantiipes - Orange-Footed Centipede
Cormocephalus brachycerus - Green Centipede
Cormocephalus lissadellensis - NCN (no image available)
Cormocephalus monteithi - NCN
Cormocephalus rubriceps - New Zealand Giant Centipede
Cormocephalus similis - NCN (no image Available)
Cormocephalus spinosior - NCN
Cormocephalus strigosus - NCN
Scolopendra morsitans - Red-Headed Centipede
Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans - Chinese Red-Headed Centipede

PHYLUM - Chordata (Chordates)
SUBPHYLUM - Vertebrata
CLASS - Aves (Birds)
ORDER - Struthioniformes
Suborder - Casuari
Family - Casuariidae
Subfamily - Casuariinae
Casuarius casuarius - Southern Cassowary (EN)
CLASS - Mammalia (Mammals)
SUBCLASS - Eutheria
ORDER - Carnivora
Family - Canidae
Canis familiaris dingo - Dingo (Protected in all Australian National Parks)
CLASS - Reptilia (Reptiles)
SUBCLASS - Archosauria
ORDER - Crocodylia (Crocodilians)
Family - Crocodylidae
Crocodylus johnstoni - Freshwater Crocodile (LC)
Crocodylus porosus - Estuarine Crocodile (LC)
SUBCLASS - Lepidosauria
ORDER - Squamata (Scaled Reptiles)
Suborder - Serpentes (Snakes)
Family - Colubridae
Subfamily - Colubrinae
Boiga irregularis - Brown Tree Snake (LC)
Family - Elapidae
Subfamily - Hydrophinae
Acanthophis antarcticus - Common Death Adder (LC)
Acanthophis praelongus - Northern Death Adder (LC)
Aipysurus duboisii - Reef Shallows Sea Snake (LC)
Aipysurus laevis - Olive Sea Snake (LC)
Aipysurus mosaicus - Mosaic Sea Snake (LC)
Cryptophis boschmai - Carpentaria Snake (LC)
Cryptophis nigrescens - Eastern Small-Eyed Snake (LC)
Cryptophis nigrostriatus - Black-Striped Snake (LC)
Demansia papuensis - Greater Black Whipsnake (LC)
Demansia torquata - Collared Whipsnake (LC)
Demansia vestigiata - Black Whipsnake (LC)
Emydocephalus annulatus - Turtle-Headed Sea Snake (LC)
Furina barnardi - Yellow-Naped Snake (LC)
Furina ornata - Orange-Naped Snake (LC)
Hemiaspis signata - Black-Bellied Swamp Snake (LC in Qld)
Hoplocephalus bitorquatus - Pale-Headed Snake (LC)
Hydrophis curtus - Spine-Bellied Sea Snake (LC)
Hydrophis elegans - Elegant Sea Snake (LC)
Hydrophis kingii - Spectacled Sea Snake (LC)
Hydrophis macdowelli - Small-Headed Sea Snake (LC)
Hydrophis major - Olive-Headed Sea Snake (LC)
Hydrophis ornatus - Ornate Sea Snake (LC)
Hydrophis peronii - Horned Sea Snake (LC)
Hydrophis platurus platurus - Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake (LC)
Hydrophis stokesii - Stokes' Sea Snake (LC)
Microcephalophis gracilis - Graceful Small-Headed Sea Snake (LC)
Oxyuranus scutellatus scutellatus - Coastal Taipan (LC)
Pseudechis australis - King Brown Snake (LC)
Pseudechis porphyriacus - Red-Bellied Black Snake (LC)
Pseudonaja textilis - Eastern Brown Snake (LC)
Tropidechis carinatus - Rough-Scaled Snake (LC in Qld)
Vermicella annulata - Eastern Bandy-Bandy (LC in Qld)
Family - Pythonidae
Simalia kinghorni - Australian Scrub Python (LC in Qld)
SUPERCLASS - Pisces (Fish)
CLASS - Actinopterygii (Ray-Finned Fish)
SUBDIVISION - Euteleostei
SUPERORDER - Acanthopterygii
ORDER - Scorpaeniformes (Mail-Cheeked Fish)
Family - Scorpaenidae
Subfamily - Pteroinae
Pterois antennata - SpotFin Lionfish
Pterois russelii - PlainTail Lionfish
Pterois volitans - Common Lionfish
Subfamily - Synanceiinae
Synanceia horrida - Estuarine Stonefish
Synanceia verrucosa - Reef Stonefish
Subfamily - Tetraroginae
Notesthes robusta - Bullrout
SUPERORDER - Ostariophysi
ORDER - Siluriformes
Family - Plotosidae
Plotosus lineatus - Striped Catfish
CLASS - Chondrichthyes (Cartilaginous Fish)
SUBCLASS - Elasmobranchii (Sharks, Rays, Skates and Sawfish)
ORDER - Carcharhiniformes (Ground Sharks)
Family - Carcharhinidae
Carcharhinus albimarginatus - SilverTip Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides - Graceful Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos - Grey Reef Shark (EN)
Carcharhinus amboinensis - Pigeye Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus brevipinna - Spinner Shark (NT)
Carcharhinus falciformis - Silky Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus leucas - Bull Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus limbatus - BlackTip Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus longimanus - Oceanic WhiteTip Shark (CR)
Carcharhinus melanopterus - BlackTip Reef Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus obscurus - Dusky Whaler (EN)
Carcharhinus tilstoni - Australian BlackTip Shark (LC)
Galeocerdo cuvier - Tiger Shark (NT)
Negaprion acutidens - Lemon Shark (EN)
Family - Sphyrnidae
Sphyrna lewini - Scalloped Hammerhead (CR)
Sphyrna mokarran - Great Hammerhead (CR)
ORDER - Lamniformes (Mackerel Sharks)
Family - Lamnidae
Isurus oxyrinchus - Shortfin Mako Shark (EN)
ORDER - Myliobatiformes (Stingrays etc.)
Family - Dasyatidae
Himantura australis - Reticulate Whipray (LC)
Maculabatis astra - Black-Spotted Whipray (LC)
Neotrygon picta - Peppered Maskray (LC)
Neotrygon trigonoides - Coral Sea Maskray (LC)
Pastinachus ater - Broad Cowtail Stingray (VU)
Pateobatis fai - Pink Whipray (VU)
Pteroplatytrygon violacea - Pelagic Stingray (LC)
Taeniura lymma - Blue-Spotted Ribbontail Ray (LC)
Taeniurops meyeni - Round Ribbontail Ray (VU)
Urogymnus asperrimus - Porcupine Ray (VU)
Urogymnus granulatus - Mangrove Whipray (VU)
Family - Gymnuridae
Gymnura australis - Australian Butterfly Ray (LC)
Family - Aetobatidae
Aetobatus ocellatus - White-Spotted Eagle Ray (VU)
Family - Rhinopteridae
Rhinoptera neglecta - Australian Cownose Ray (LC)
ORDER - Orectolobiformes (Carpet Sharks)
Family - Orectolobidae
Eucrossorhinus dasypogon - Tasselled Wobbegong (LC)
Orectolobus ornatus - Ornate Wobbegong (LC)

PHYLUM - Cnidaria (Corals, Jellyfish, Hydrozoans and Myxozoans)
CLASS - Cubozoa (Box Jellyfish)
ORDER - Chirodropida
Family - Chirodropidae
Chironex fleckeri - Australian Box Jellyfish
ORDER - Carybdeida
Family - Carukiidae
Carukia barnesi - Barnes' Irukandji Jellyfish
Malo kingi - Common Kingslayer

PHYLUM - Echinodermata (Crinozoans, Asterozoans and Echinozoans)
CLASS - Asteroidea (Starfish)
ORDER - Valvatida
Family - Acanthasteridae
Acanthaster planci - Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish

PHYLUM - Mollusca (Molluscs)
CLASS - Cephalopoda (Squid, Octopus, Cuttlefish etc.)
SUBCLASS - Coleoidea
ORDER - Octopoda (Octopus)
Suborder - Incirrata
Family - Octopodidae
Hapalochlaena lunulata - Greater Blue-Ringed Octopus
CLASS - Gastropoda (Snails and Slugs)
SUBCLASS - Caenogastropoda
ORDER - Neogastropoda (Cone Snails, Conchs, Mud Snails, Olive Snails, Oyster Drills, Tulip Shells, Whelks etc.)
Superfamily - Conoidea
Family - Conidae
Conus (Austroconus) cyanostoma - Cox'sp. Cone
Conus (Conus) marmoreus - The Marble Cone
Conus (Cylinder) ammiralis ammiralis - Society Cone
Conus (Cylinder) aureus aureus - The Golden Cone
Conus (Cylinder) canonicus - The Canonical Cone
Conus (Cylinder) legatus - The Ambassador Cone
Conus (Cylinder) textile - Textile Cone
Conus (Darioconus) aulicus - The Court Cone
Conus (Darioconus) episcopatus - Episcopal Cone
Conus (Darioconus) magnificus - The Magnificent Cone
Conus (Darioconus) omaria - Omaria Cone
Conus (Dendroconus) betulinus - Betuline Cone
Conus (Dendroconus) figulinus - Clay Cone
Conus (Dendroconus) suratensis - The Surat Cone
Conus (Elisaconus) litteratus - Lettered Cone
Conus (Floraconus) balteatus - The Belted Cone
Conus (Floraconus) papilliferus - Juke's Cone
Conus (Fraterconus) distans - The Distantly-Lineated Cone
Conus (Gastridium) geographus - The Geographer Cone
Conus (Gastridium) obscurus - The Obscure Cone
Conus (Gastridium) tulipa - The Tulip Cone
Conus (Harmoniconus) musicus - Music Cone
Conus (Harmoniconus) sponsalis - The Bridal Cone
Conus (Hermes) nussatella - The Nussatella Cone
Conus (Leporiconus) coffeae - The Coffee Cone
Conus (Leporiconus) glans - The Acorn Cone
Conus (Lithoconus) leopardus - The Leopard Cone
Conus (Lividoconus) lividus - The Livid Cone
Conus (Lividoconus) muriculatus - The Bruised Cone
Conus (Lividoconus) quercinus - The Oak Cone
Conus (Lividoconus) sanguinolentus - The Blood-Stained Cone
Conus (Phasmoconus) mucronatus - The Pointed Cone
Conus (Phasmoconus) spectrum - The Filamentose Cone
Conus (Pionoconus) achatinus - Agate Cone
Conus (Pionoconus) catus - The Cat Cone
Conus (Pionoconus) circumcisus - The Auger Cone
Conus (Pionoconus) consors - The Consort Cone
Conus (Pionoconus) floccatus - The Snow-Flaked Cone
Conus (Pionoconus) magus - The Magician Cone
Conus (Pionoconus) striatus - The Striated Cone
Conus (Pionoconus) striolatus - The Striolated Cone
Conus (Puncticulis) arenatus - The Sand-Dusted Cone
Conus (Puncticulis) pulicarius pulicarius - The Flea-Bitten Cone
Conus (Rhizoconus) capitaneus - The Captain's Cone
Conus (Rhizoconus) miles - The Soldier Cone
Conus (Rhizoconus) mustelinus - The Ermine Cone
Conus (Rhizoconus) pertusus - The Lovely Cone
Conus (Rhizoconus) rattus - Rat Cone
Conus (Rhizoconus) vexillum vexillum - The Flag Cone
Conus (Rubroconus) coccineus - Scarlet Cone
Conus (Splinoconus) biliosus - The Young Cone
Conus (Stephanoconus) imperialis - The Imperial Cone
Conus (Strategoconus) ferrugineus - Iron Cone
Conus (Strategoconus) generalis - The General Cone
Conus (Strategoconus) litoglyphus - The Lithograph Cone
Conus (Strategoconus) planorbis - Ringed Cone
Conus (Strategoconus) varius - The Freckled Cone
Conus (Tesselliconus) eburneus - The Ivory Cone
Conus (Tesselliconus) tessulatus - The Tesselated Cone
Conus (Turriconus) acutangulus - The Sharp-Angled Cone
Conus (Turriconus) mitratus - The Mitred Cone
Conus (Virgiconus) coelinae - Celine's Cone
Conus (Virgiconus) emaciatus - False Virgin Cone
Conus (Virgiconus) flavidus - The Yellow-Tinged Cone
Conus (Virgiconus) frigidus - The Cold Cone
Conus (Virgiconus) moreleti - Morelet's Cone
Conus (Virgiconus) terebra - The Bachelor Cone
Conus (Virgiconus) virgo - The Virgin Cone
Conus (Virroconus) chaldaeus - Astrologer's Cone
Conus (Virroconus) coronatus - Coronated Cone
Conus (Virroconus) ebraeus - Black And White Cone
Conus (Virroconus) miliaris - Thousand-Spot Cone

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