The Wangetti Community Group (a.k.a Wangetti Ratepayers And Residents Group - WRARG) represents the common interests of all landowners, residents and business owners within the township of Wangetti. The group has existed since 1990 and is a formal effort by Wangetti locals to ensure a safe, tidy and conservationally sound Wangetti area.
In the past, members of Wangetti Community Group have been involved with the Wangetti Recovery Project, a project that successfully raised many thousands of dollars to enable the rehabilitation of the Wangetti Beach Reserve.
In recent times, the main thrust of the group is the following -
* seeking to have DTIS (Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport) alter the current Wangetti Trail route so that it does not go directly through the township. We value the beautiful area of forest within the township and will protect it all costs
* negotiating with the TMR (Department of Transport and Main Roads) to have the speed limit reduced to 60kph, throughout the entire length of the highway running through town. This is a serious safety issue and thankfully, we are making good headway with our proposal
* continuing to monitor the Greater Wangetti region to ensure there are no actions taken that may compromise the integrity of the natural environment. Particular attention is given to the Wangetti Beach Reserve, the Hartley's Creek area and the Quaid's Road area.
* ensuring the most used areas, such as Wangetti Beach, are free from litter, debris and potential hazards
* monitoring any advances of invasive species such as weeds or feral pigs

Wangetti Community Group is always mindful of the status of the area in which we reside. We are surrounded by World Heritage forest, so we always seek to liase with the various authorities to ensure the footprint of locals and visitors are not adversely impacting that environment. We aspire to work alongside WTMA, National Parks, and the Traditional Owners to maintain the integrity of this marvelous region.


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