It is considered likely that most of the following native fish species are found within the Greater Wangetti Region.
Click on a common name to view an image; click on a scientific name to open a page of information. IUCN Red List Index and/or EPBC Threatened Species and/or Queensland Threatened Species rating is shown in brackets. (E) = Endemic to Australia.

CLASS - Actinopterygii (Ray-Finned Fish)
SUBDIVISION - Clupeomorpha
ORDER - Clupeiformes
Family - Chirocentridae
Chirocentrus dorab - Dorab Wolf Herring (LC)
Family - Clupeidae
Amblygaster sirm - Spotted Sardine (LC)
Dussumieria elopsoides - Slender Sardine (LC)
Escualosa thoracata - White Sardine (LC)
Herklotsichthys castelnaui - Southern Herring (LC)
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus - GoldSpot Herring (LC)
Nematalosa come - HairBack Herring (LC)
Nematalosa erebi - Bony Bream (LC)
Sardinella albella - White Sardinella (LC)
Sardinella gibbosa - GoldStripe Sardinella (LC)
Sardinella melanura - BlackTip Sardinella (LC)
Sardinops sagax neopilchardus - Australian Sardine (LC)
Spratelloides delicatulus - BlueBack Sprat (LC)
Spratelloides gracilis - Slender Sprat (LC)
Family - Engraulidae
Encrasicholina punctifer - Buccaneer Anchovy (LC)
Stolephorus andhraensis - Andhra Anchovy (LC)
Stolephorus brachycephalus - Broadhead Anchovy (LC)
Stolephorus carpentariae - Carpentaria Anchovy (LC)
Stolephorus commersonii - Commerson's Anchovy (LC)
Stolephorus indicus - Indian Anchovy (LC)
Stolephorus nelsoni - Nelson's Anchovy (Data Deficient IUCN)
Stolephorus waitei - SpottyFace Anchovy (Data Deficient IUCN)
Thryssa aestuaria - SnubNose Thryssa (LC)
Thryssa baelama - Little Priest (LC)
Thryssa encrasicholoides - False Baelama Anchovy (LC)
Thryssa hamiltonii - Hamilton's Thryssa (LC)
Thryssa setirostris - LongJaw Thryssa (LC)
Family - Pristigasteridae
Ilisha elongata - Elongate Ilisha (LC)
Ilisha lunula - LongTail Ilisha (Data Deficient IUCN)
Pellona ditchela - Ditchelee (LC)
SUBDIVISION - Elopomorpha
ORDER - Albuliformes
Family Albulidae
Albula oligolepis - Smallscale Bonefish (Data Deficient IUCN)
ORDER - Anguilliformes
Suborder Anguilloidei
Family Anguillidae
Anguilla obscura - Pacific Shortfinned Eel (Data Deficient IUCN)
Anguilla reinhardtii - Speckled Longfin Eel (LC)

ORDER - Elopiformes
ORDER - Notacanthiformes
SUBDIVISION - Euteleostei
ORDER - Caproiformes
SUPERORDER - Acanthopterygii
ORDER - Atheriniformes
ORDER - Beloniformes
ORDER - Beryciformes
ORDER - Cyprinodontiformes
ORDER - Mugiliformes
ORDER - Perciformes
ORDER - Pleuronectiformes
ORDER - Scorpaeniformes (Mail-Cheeked Fish)
Family - Scorpaenidae
Subfamily - Pteroinae
Pterois antennata - SpotFin Lionfish
Pterois russelii - PlainTail Lionfish
Pterois volitans - Common Lionfish
Subfamily - Synanceiinae
Synanceia horrida - Estuarine Stonefish
Synanceia verrucosa - Reef Stonefish
Subfamily - Tetraroginae
Notesthes robusta - Bullrout
ORDER - Sephanoberyciformes
ORDER - Synbranchiformes
ORDER - Syngnathiformes
ORDER - Tetraodontiformes
ORDER - Zeiformes
SUPERORDER - Cyclosquamata
ORDER - Aulopiformes
SUPERORDER - Lampridiomorpha
ORDER - Lampridiformes
SUPERORDER - Ostariophysi
ORDER - Cypriniformes
ORDER - Gonorynchiformes
ORDER - Siluriformes
Family - Plotosidae
Plotosus lineatus - Striped Catfish
SUPERORDER - Paracanthopterygii
ORDER - Batrachoidiformes
ORDER - Gadiformes
ORDER - Lophiiformes
ORDER - Ophidiiformes
SUPERORDER - Polymixiomorpha
ORDER - Polymixiiformes
SUPERORDER - Protacanthopterygii
ORDER - Argentiniformes
ORDER - Salmoniformes
SUPERORDER - Scopelomorpha
ORDER - Myctophiformes
SUPERORDER - Stenopterygii
ORDER - Ateleopodiformes
ORDER - Stomiiformes
SUBDIVISION - Osteoglossomorpha
ORDER - Osteoglossiformes

CLASS - Chondrichthyes (Cartilaginous Fish)
SUBCLASS - Elasmobranchii
ORDER - Carcharhiniformes (Ground Sharks)
Family - Carcharhinidae
Carcharhinus albimarginatus - SilverTip Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides - Graceful Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos - Grey Reef Shark (EN)
Carcharhinus amboinensis - Pigeye Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus brevipinna - Spinner Shark (NT)
Carcharhinus falciformis - Silky Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus leucas - Bull Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus limbatus - BlackTip Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus longimanus - Oceanic WhiteTip Shark (CR)
Carcharhinus melanopterus - BlackTip Reef Shark (VU)
Carcharhinus obscurus - Dusky Whaler (EN)
Carcharhinus tilstoni - Australian BlackTip Shark (LC)
Galeocerdo cuvier - Tiger Shark (NT)
Negaprion acutidens - Lemon Shark (EN)
Family - Sphyrnidae
Sphyrna lewini - Scalloped Hammerhead (CR)
Sphyrna mokarran - Great Hammerhead (CR)
ORDER - Heterodontiformes
ORDER - Hexanchiformes
ORDER - Lamniformes (Mackerel Sharks)
Family - Lamnidae
Isurus oxyrinchus - Shortfin Mako Shark (EN)
ORDER - Myliobatiformes (Stingrays etc.)
Family - Dasyatidae
Himantura australis - Reticulate Whipray (LC)
Maculabatis astra - Black-Spotted Whipray (LC)
Neotrygon picta - Peppered Maskray (LC)
Neotrygon trigonoides - Coral Sea Maskray (LC)
Pastinachus ater - Broad Cowtail Stingray (VU)
Pateobatis fai - Pink Whipray (VU)
Pteroplatytrygon violacea - Pelagic Stingray (LC)
Taeniura lymma - Blue-Spotted Ribbontail Ray (LC)
Taeniurops meyeni - Round Ribbontail Ray (VU)
Urogymnus asperrimus - Porcupine Ray (VU)
Urogymnus granulatus - Mangrove Whipray (VU)
Family - Gymnuridae
Gymnura australis - Australian Butterfly Ray (LC)
Family - Aetobatidae
Aetobatus ocellatus - White-Spotted Eagle Ray (VU)
Family - Rhinopteridae
Rhinoptera neglecta - Australian Cownose Ray (LC)
ORDER - Orectolobiformes (Carpet Sharks)
Family - Orectolobidae
Eucrossorhinus dasypogon - Tasselled Wobbegong (LC)
Orectolobus ornatus - Ornate Wobbegong (LC)
ORDER - Pristiformes
ORDER - Pristiophoriformes
ORDER - Rajiformes
ORDER - Rhinobatiformes
ORDER - Squaliformes
ORDER - Squatiniformes
ORDER - Torpediniformes
SUBCLASS - Holocephali
ORDER - Chimaeriformes

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