The Clean Up Australia organisation has been active since 1990, with the official CUA Day always being on the first Sunday in March, however, when a clean up of Wangetti Beach was first registered with CUA, we decided on a Sunday later in the year, usually in September.

Since the early 2000's, the Wangetti Beach CUA event (formerly known as the Great Northern CUA Day) has been running, and the original organiser, Bill Carrodus (formerly of WTMA) still continues to drum up support each year. The turn out ranges from several dozen eager volunteers, to sometimes only 4 or 5, but the Wangetti Beach always benefits greatly from the attention.

Some years, especially when camping in the area has been rife, the rubbish collected at the end of the day can resemble a miniature rubbish dump. In recent years, we are happy to report, the clean up has resulted in a more modest collection of bags at the termination point (normally Wangetti Beach Northern Carpark).

Following the clean ups, Bill produces his legendary "smoko" and all participants descend on the fare, spread out on one of the picnic tables, inside the interpretive booth at the northern beach entrance.

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