It is considered likely that most of the following native amphibian species are found within the Greater Wangetti Region. Click on a common name to view a large image; click on a scientific name to open a page of information. IUCN Red List Index and/or EPBC Threatened Species and/or Queensland Threatened Species rating is shown in brackets. (E) = Endemic to Australia.

SUBCLASS - Lissamphibia
ORDER - Anura (Frogs And Toads)
Family - Limnodynastidae (Australian Ground Frogs)
Limnodynastes convexiusculus - Marbled Frog (LC)
Limnodynastes peronii - Striped Marsh Frog (LC) (E)
Limnodynastes terraereginae - Northern Banjo Frog (LC) (E)
Notaden melanoscaphus - Northern Spadefoot (LC) (E)
Platyplectrum ornatum - Ornate Burrowing Frog (LC) (E)
Family - Microhylidae (Narrow-Mouthed Frogs)
Austrochaperina fryi - Fry's Frog (LC) (E)
Austrochaperina pluvialis - Rain Frog (LC) (E)
Austrochaperina robusta - Robust Frog (LC) (E)
Cophixalus aenigma - Tapping Nursery Frog (VU) (E)
Cophixalus infacetus - Inelegant Frog (LC) (E)
Cophixalus ornatus - Northern Ornate Nursery Frog (LC) (E)
Family - Myobatrachidae (Australian Toadlets and Water Frogs)
Crinia deserticola - Desert Froglet (LC) (E)
Mixophyes coggeri - Mottled Barred Frog (LC) (E)
Mixophyes schevilli - Northern Barred Frog (LC) (E)
Taudactylus acutirostris - Sharp-Snouted Day Frog (CR) (EX EPBC) (E)
Taudactylus rheophilus - Northern Tinker Frog (CR) (E)
Uperoleia altissima - Montane Toadlet (LC) (E)
Uperoleia lithomoda - Stonemason Toadlet (LC)
Uperoleia mimula - Mimic Toadlet (LC) (E)
Family - Pelodryadidae (Australian Tree Frogs etc.)
Cyclorana alboguttata - Striped Burrowing Frog (LC) (E)
Cyclorana longipes - Long Footed Frog (LC) (E)
Cyclorana novaehollandiae - New Holland Frog (LC) (E)
Litoria bicolor - Northern Dwarf Tree Frog (LC) (E)
Litoria caerulea - Australian Green Tree Frog (LC)
Litoria dayi - Australian Lace-Lid (EN) (E)
Litoria gracilenta - Dainty Green Tree Frog (LC) (E)
Litoria inermis - Bumpy Rocket Frog (LC) (E)
Litoria infrafrenata - White-Lipped Tree Frog (LC)
Litoria jungguy - Northern Stony Creek Frog (LC) (E)
Litoria microbelos - Javelin Frog (LC) (E)
Litoria myola - Kuranda Tree Frog (CR) (E)
Litoria nannotis - Waterfall Frog (LC) (E)
Litoria nasuta - Striped Rocket Frog (LC)
Litoria nyakalensis - Mountain Mist Frog (CR Qld) (EX IUCN) (E)
Litoria rheocola - Common Mist Frog (EN) (E)
Litoria rothii - Northern Laughing Tree Frog (LC)
Litoria rubella - Desert Tree Frog (LC)
Litoria serrata - Green-Eyed Tree Frog (LC)
Litoria wilcoxii - Eastern Stony Creek Frog (LC) (E)
Litoria xanthomera - Orange-Thighed Tree Frog (LC) (E)
Family - Ranidae (True Frogs)
Papurana daemeli - Australian Wood Frog (LC)